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General terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Terms" or "Business Terms and Conditions") relate to the purchase of goods via the Seller's public e-shop located at
The purchase of goods in their sense may be carried out by natural or legal persons (hereinafter referred to as "Customer" or "Buyer").
Seller is understood in these terms and conditions as TRADAG, s.r.o., with its registered office:
Kopčianska 63, 851 04 Bratislava, Slovak Republic, ID: 30 77 44 11, VAT register: SK2020336241
phone/fax. no. +421 2 63 535 172; tel no. +421 69 2030153; e-mail:
(hereinafter referred to as "Seller").
The address of the Seller's registered office is the correspondence address for all correspondence and liability for defects in goods (claims).
Supervisory Authority: SOI Inspectorate for Bratislava Region, Prievozská 32, P. O. BOX 5, 820 07 Bratislava, Slovakia ,
phone. no. +421 2 58272 172, +421 2 58272104; fax no. +421 2 58272 170; e-mail:

1. Order and conclusion of the purchase contract
After creating (sending) the order, the customer will receive an automatic response, which contains information about successful acceptance, the way of our further communication and exact specification of the ordered goods including prices and quantity. The purchase contract, on the basis of which the sale of goods to the seller by the seller is realized, arises on the basis of a binding order confirmation. The seller will confirm the order the next business day. An order confirmed by the seller (or part thereof) is considered binding for both parties if the terms agreed at the time of confirmation are not violated. Essential conditions are mainly the content of the order (exact specification of the goods and its number), the price for the goods and the way of delivery.
There is no minimum order value for a customer who is considered a consumer. For a wholesale partner, the minimum value is set at 120.- EUR with VAT.

2. Order cancellation
Order cancellation by the buyer
The customer has the right to cancel the order by telephone (+421 2 63535172) or by e-mail at Cancellation must include order number.
Since the shipment / order dispatch for cash on delivery is the next business day, it is necessary to cancel the order by 12:00 the next day to avoid the delivery of the shipment by the courier. In case of personal collection or prepayment, the order must be canceled within 5 calendar days.
The Buyer is obliged to pay the Seller damage (if any).
The Seller shall exercise the right to claim damages in the case of the purchase of goods "on demand", which had to be procured at the customer's request, or where demonstrable costs had already been incurred in connection with the seizure of the goods.

Order cancellation by the seller
The seller reserves the right to cancel the order or part thereof in the following cases:
- if the buyer has given false or misleading personal information on the order
- if it is not possible to contact the buyer (incorrect phone number, unavailable, not responding to emails, etc.)
- if for technical reasons it is not possible to deliver the goods within the required period or conditions from the order,
- if the special mode of transport has not been mutually agreed, if the nature of the goods ordered requires this (eg large size frame).

If this happens, SELLER will immediately contact the customer to agree on further action. In the event that the customer has already
paid the price from the order (advance invoice) or its part and there is no agreement between SELLER and the customer to provide other goods of the same quality and price or other alternative performance, TRADAG undertakes to return the price to the customer within 14 days paid for goods or prepayments, in the same way as used to pay for the goods, unless otherwise agreed between SELLER and the customer.

3. Delivery terms
SELLER undertakes to deliver the ordered goods to the customer within 2 working days of payment of the order. Reimbursement means the moment of crediting the payment to the account of the seller to which the payment was to be made.
If, for technical reasons, the delivery time is unavailable, the Seller undertakes to inform the Buyer without delay and, if there is no agreement on delivery of the goods within the alternative period, the Seller undertakes to return the price paid for the goods or advance to the Buyer within 14 days.
The seller undertakes to deliver the goods to the customer by courier to the address indicated by the customer in the order as the place of delivery. If the order is less than 80 €, the goods will be shipped at the buyer's expense. If the order amount is at least 80 €, the seller will deliver the goods to the buyer at his own expense. This limit does not apply to wholesale customers where the 240 € (with VAT) limit applies.
If the Buyer does not repeatedly collect the shipment for a reason he did not inform the Seller in advance, he will no longer be entitled to receive the goods free of charge.

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